Is deposit required?

・First-time customers will be asked to pay a deposit of 11,000 yen per therapist by credit card.
・The above amount includes a credit card fee of 1,000 yen.
・Therefore, 10,000 yen will be deducted from the total amount when you use our service.
・Please understand that this is to prevent prank reservations and to maintain the motivation of the therapists.

What are the operating hours?

・From 12:00 PM to 2:00 AM
・Inquiries and reservation are accepted from 12:00 PM

Which aera do you provide your service?

・City and business hotels, private residences, also love hotels in the 23 wards of Tokyo
・If you need assistance in finding a hotel, we are please to help you.

How long does it take for the therapist to arrive?

・After your reservation is confirmed, your therapist will arrive within 30 to 60 minutes.

Is your club safe?

・The MANA has been operating for 7 years and gained confidence and recognition, becoming the number one choice in Tokyo.
・We operate in accordance with the law amd are registered corporate entity in adult entertaiment business.
・You can use our services with confidence.

Is real sex with the therapist possible?

・No, we operate in compliance with Japanese law.
・The sexual intercourse with the therapistis is strictly prohibited.

What is the quality of your ladies?

・We only engage ladies who are good looking, have grace and shame, and are able to read the atmosphere and respond appropriately.
・We have an exclusive contract with a well-known esthetic instructor, and only Japanese ladies who have completed the training will provide services.

Are the photos of the ladies genuine?

・Photos and videos of the ladies are actual ones.
・You can rest assured that the lady who comes must be the same as in the photos and videos.

What payment methods are acceptable?

・Payments in Japanese yen, US dollars, euros, and credit cards are accepted.
・A 10 % administration fee applies to credit card payments.

Is it necessary to give additional tips to the ladies?

・No, it is not necessary.
・There are no extra charges other than those initially mentioned durling the reservation.

Can I cancel after the reservation is confirmed?

・Cancellation after the reservation is confirmed requires a fee of 10,000 yen and tranfer expenses.
・Please understand this is to prevent prank reservation and to maintain the motivation of our ladies.

What information should I provide when making a reservation?

・Please provide the following information:
①Your name②Nationality③Preffered therapist④Date and desired time slot⑤Desired Course: Treatment duration⑥Hotel name, room number, and your registerd family name of chek-in⑦Payment method
For more details, please refer to the following URL:https://manatokyo.com/free1.php

Will the room get dirty from oils?

・The therapist will bring waterproof sheet and towel sets.
・Your own towels will not to be used .
・The room will always be kept clean, just as it was before the therapists visit.


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