New Face
  • 07/14
  • The best hugging comfo
  • NOA age25
  • T:172.B:88(F).W:58.H:86
  • 07/11
  • G-cup beautiful girl
  • MUGI age20
  • T:159.B:90(G).W:56.H:84
  • 06/20
  • The Lascivious Lady
  • SAKI age27
  • T:165.B:84(D).W:58.H:87
  • 06/18
  • Unforgettable Time
  • RAN age27
  • T:160.B:86(E).W:57.H:85
  • 06/16
  • Immoral Sexual Desire
  • MIRAI age20
  • T:152.B:85(D).W:56.H:85
  • No.1
  • The Best of the Best
  • TSUBAKI age:22
  • T:157.B:84(C).W:56.H:85
  • No.2
  • Erotic Romance
  • HANA age:25
  • T:162.B:87(E).W:56.H:87
  • No.3
  • Cute Cute Cute
  • REINA age:20
  • T:157.B:83(C).W:56.H:85
  • No.4
  • Drifting Pheromones
  • KYOKO age:24
  • T:164.B:84(D).W:57.H:85
  • No.5
  • Naughty Signboard Girl
  • FU age:20
  • T:160.B:84(D).W:57.H:85
  • No.6
  • Sampatic Beauty
  • MIA age:23
  • T:162.B:84(D).W:57.H:85
  • No.7
  • Sticky Skin
  • NANASE age:25
  • T:159.B:87(E).W:57.H:85
  • No.8
  • The Lascivious Lady
  • SAKI age:27
  • T:165.B:84(D).W:58.H:87
  • No.9
  • Immaculate Girl
  • KOTO age:20
  • T:154.B:84(C).W:56.H:85
  • No.10
  • Venus of Erotica
  • MEI age:22
  • T:167.B:85(E).W:57.H:84
Therapist: AI
I was attracted by the title "porn star" and nominated her. The richness of the rejuvenation play exceeded my expectations, and I fully enjoyed the technique that she has cultivated through her AV performance. Her massage skills were also high.


Therapist: SAKI
She was a very beautiful woman with a well-balanced style. Her ample breasts and smooth skin were very attractive. Her massage skills were excellent, and her rejuvenation play was intense and very satisfying.


Therapist: RAN
She was very polite, which was my first impression of her, but she turned lewd during the rejuvenation play, and her moaning and facial expressions increased my excitement level. Her massage skills were also excellent and overall I was very satis


Therapist: MIRAI
It was a nice surprise that the woman was much prettier than her picture. She was very polite and made me feel comfortable. I thought she might not be used to the massage technique, but it was pleasant enough.


Therapist: NAMI
First of all, the massage was excellent! The gap between the erotic play and the massage made me melt! She looked so innocent when I first met her, but she was super erotic!


Therapist: RIO
She was truly beautiful. Her style was great, slender and just the way I like it. The massage also hit all my pressure points! I was also very satisfied with the rejuvenating play!


Therapist: RIRI
Her cuteness far exceeded my expectations. During the lovey-dovey play, I almost thought we were lovers.


Therapist: HIME
She was prettier than her picture and her smile was mesmerizing! Her lovely face and glamorous body were so charming. Her play was sometimes gentle, sometimes aggressive, and very pleasurable.


Therapist: MIA
Just finished a session with Mia and it was amazing. She’s so bubbly and outgoing and made me feel comfortable very quickly. She’s very smart and can speak English and Korean well. We connected on multiple topics and she even recommended some Jpop mu


Therapist: MARON
The fresh atmosphere is GOOD! She was well styled, especially her breasts were beautiful. I felt like a couple of lovers during the lovey-dovey play during the rejuvenation massage!


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  • 07/19(Fri)
  • 07/20(Sat)
  • 07/21(Sun)
  • 07/22(Mon)
  • 07/23(Tue)
  • 07/24(Wed)
  • Alluring Princess
  • 12:00-18:00
  • HIME age:25
  • T158 B88(F) W57 H87
  • Naked OL at Night
  • 12:00-05:00
  • CECIL age:26
  • T166 B91(F) W58 H88
  • Erotic Romance
  • 13:00-05:00
  • HANA age:25
  • T162 B87(E) W56 H87
  • Secret Time♡
  • 14:00-22:00
  • NAMIKA age:24
  • T160 B84(C) W56 H83
  • Drifting Pheromones
  • 17:00-23:00
  • KYOKO age:24
  • T164 B84(D) W57 H85
  • The Lascivious Lady
  • 18:00-01:00
  • SAKI age:27
  • T165 B84(D) W58 H87
  • Sticky Skin
  • 19:00-05:00
  • NANASE age:25
  • T159 B87(E) W57 H85
  • Enchanting Beauty
  • 21:00-05:00
  • HIKARU age:22
  • T168 B85(D) W57 H86
  • Revealing Hidden Eros
  • 22:00-05:00
  • UTA age:27
  • T162 B85(D) W58 H87


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