• NONO
  • age:25
  • T168 B86(D) W56 H85
About Me
■A quick word of greeting
Thank you for finding me, I am NONO!

■What I like to do
Watching Movies, eating, traveling

■My Sexual side
Your reaction to my naughty treatment satisfies me, so I will give you many of my excellent services to make you feel good.!

■My personality
Laugh a lot, cheerful and easy-going

You will be charmed by my long legs and smooth skin!

I look forward to communicating with you in a cheerful atmosphere, so I would be happy if I can get along with you ♡.
Manager's comment
TOP therapist has joined our group!

She is an active race queen, model, and has various other titles.

Imagine a perfectly proportioned race queen in uniform. She appears in front of you.

She has big eyes, glossy moist lips, a beautifully slender and long legs, a slim waist, and a little bit of a split stomach,

An encounter with her is sure to be a most rewarding experience for you.
12/01(Fri) 12/02(Sat) 12/03(Sun) 12/04(Mon) 12/05(Tue) 12/06(Wed) 12/07(Thu)
- 17:00
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  • ○ Head Massage
  • × 3P:1Man×2girls
  • × 3P:2Mens×1girl
Questions for the therapist
Blood type
Pretty and cute,
Charming, Sweet-natured, Positive,
Model, Race queen
Where are you from?
What are your hobbies?
Film appreciation
favorite food?
Sushi, Fruit
Do you smoke?
English level
Simple words may be understood
It was may first experience that there was combination of several kind massages. I was not surprised at fingure/oil massage but really astonished rejuvenation massage. Hand job after rejuvenation made me crazy. I wanna have another chance to come t
Bruce J. Weiss
There is no other girl who may be comparable to NONO. Her service was so gentle and sexy. I will nominate her again.
Mike K Ram
The affability and service were terrific! Would definitely do it again!
Brad J. Patrick
She was very pretty, bright, attentive, and wonderful. I was healed very much. I would like to ask her again.
Nick Amin Prasad
I had a good time as usual. I was satisfied with the treatment as well as they took good care of my tired areas. I would like to ask you again.
Eric L. Robertson
I called them up to try it out and it was a great decision! She was so beautiful and yet very ubiquitous! I will call them again!
Jhon Louis Bou
She was charming and cute, she could match conversation and her massage was great! She was very attentive and likable and created a great atmosphere and made me feel like a lover! This was my first time using her and it was even better than I imagine
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