• RIO
  • age:28
  • T168 B83(A) W56 H85
About Me
Panty Less Visit:Yes
Prostate Massage:Yes
Head Massage:Yes
Crotch job (hand job):Yes
Masturbation Viewing:Yes
Take Panty Home:Yes
Golden Shower:Yes
Cum in Mouth:Yes

■A quick word of greeting and Message
Hi, I am RIO, a lecherous childminder.

I missed eroticism so much that I returned to this work after a long absence.

My massage technique and the intensity of my lewd services have not diminished, and I will continue to refine them, so I look forward to your request.

■My personality
Cheerful and openhearted

■What I like to do
Mahjong, sauna, brain training

■My sexual experience
Maybe I will tell you when we get to know each other better.

■My special treatment
◉Blow job◉
I am good at slow-paced blow job. You will surely regret, if you miss this experience.

◉Vacuum hand job◉
This technique is very popular for its unimaginable pleasure.

◉Bubble bubble body wash◉
Highly recommended for sensitive glans! Love hotel only with unlimited use of body soap.
Manager's comment
We are pleased to introduce a beautiful and gracious therapist.

She has a neat face and large, clear eyes that are very attractive.

She has a wonderful aura that makes you feel very comfortable just being with her, so you will never regret choosing her.

The long-limbed, slim style is impeccable.

She is sophisticated and mature, yet friendly and approachable.

Full of the spirit of hospitality, she is charming and attentive, she creates an atmosphere that makes you feel at home.

Her unpretentious personality is also one of her charms.

She has extensive experience in massage, both shiatsu and oil massage, and will provide you with the most satisfying service possible.

She is well known for her richness in her prostitution service, and you will be astonished by her transformation when she turns on the switch, which is very different from her innocent and dignified image.

The lewdness of the treatment will increase your arousal, and the technique of her hands and mouth will bring you to the pinnacle of pleasure.

Please make your request as soon as possible!
07/18(Thu) 07/19(Fri) 07/20(Sat) 07/21(Sun) 07/22(Mon) 07/23(Tue) 07/24(Wed)
- 17:00
- - - - 19:30
  • ○ Head Massage
  • ○ 3P:1Man×2girls
  • × 3P:2Mens×1girl
  • × Bobble Wash
Questions for the therapist
Blood type
Elegant, Beautiful,
Friendly and approachable
Where are you from?
Snow country
What are your hobbies?
Enjoying delicius meals.
favorite food?
French cuisine
Do you smoke?
E-sigarette smoker
English level
Simple conversation is possible
She was truly beautiful. Her style was great, slender and just the way I like it. The massage also hit all my pressure points! I was also very satisfied with the rejuvenating play!
The massage was really nice. I enjoyed being with her because of her cheerful personality. Her naughty services exceeded my expectations, and the gap between her innocent image and my own was unbearable.
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