• MUGI
  • age:20
  • T159 B90(G) W56 H84
About Me
Panty Less Visit:Yes
Prostate Massage:Yes
Chocolate body painting:Yes
Head Massage:Yes
Crotch job (hand job):Yes
Masturbation Viewing:Yes
Take Panty Home:Yes
Golden Shower:Try
Cum in Mouth:No

■A quick word of greeting and Message
Hi, I am MUGI, active university student.

Thank you for paying attention to my profile even though there are a lot of girls out there.

My personality is very different from my appearance, and I am much more reserved.

I am very good at massage, and many of my clients always praise me! I am especially confident in Shiatsu!

The time you spend with me is guaranteed to be a special experience with careful treatment and a relaxing, healing atmosphere.

Of course, we will have some fun during the naughty time too!

If you are interested in me at all, just meet me once?

■My personality
Bright and friendly

■What I like to do
Collecting cosmetics, watching dramas and movies

■My Sexual side
Manager's comment
A therapist full of loveliness who charms everyone has joined our club.

She is an active female university student attending a well-known institute who just celebrated turning 20 this year.

Her face is very well formed and she looks just like a certain Korean idol!

The aura of youthfulness that radiates from the avant-garde atmosphere typical of modern girls and the smile that bursts from her coquettish little face shines brightly.

She has a sophisticated slender figure of 159 cm, a G-cup bust, a well-defined waist, and abs trained with muscle training that surpass those of most men.

Most notably, her beautiful G-cup tits that rank among the best in our club!

The beauty of the shape, volume, and texture are irresistible!

Her personality is cheerful and bright, and her every action is filled with kindness, which naturally soothes your heart.

She has experience in massage, and under the guidance of our exclusive instructor, she is improving her skills day by day.

Since her hobby is esthetics, her body care is perfect, and the close contact with her fresh skin is exceptional.

The carnal pleasure in the treatment of rejuvenation performed in close bodily contact is extremely voluptuous!

The anticipation of what kind of changes her body will undergo from the naughty experience of having her oiled body intertwined with yours will be unceasing.

We would like to recommend her to you as one of the best therapists of our club.

We are looking forward to your request!
07/18(Thu) 07/19(Fri) 07/20(Sat) 07/21(Sun) 07/22(Mon) 07/23(Tue) 07/24(Wed)
- - - - - 20:00
  • ○ Head Massage
  • ○ 3P:1Man×2girls
  • × 3P:2Mens×1girl
  • × Bobble Wash
Questions for the therapist
Blood type
Pretty beauty
Bright, friendly
University student
Where are you from?
What are your hobbies?
Collecting cosmetics, watching dramas and movies
favorite food?
Do you smoke?
English level
Very poor
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