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T166 B96(F) W59 H88
YUINA 25歳 T166 B96(F) W59 H88
Introducing super-healing, kind-hearted, beautiful therapist.

She has gentle smile that is reminiscent of a popular Japanese idol.

Her height of 166 cm and her 96 cm F-cup body is so glamorous that it is hard to believe that she is Japanese.

This outstanding style will grab the hearts of all gentlemen.

As a former judo therapist, she quickly learned shiatsu and oil massage, and her skills improved in the blink of an eye.

In particular, the treatment incorporating her skills as a judo seitai therapist is her originality.

Her technique, which even our exclusive instructor is interested in, is guaranteed to bring you the best healing to every corner of your body.

She is currently working as a receptionist for a major company, and her politeness and attentiveness are second to none, making your time with her a most pleasant experience.

She will make you feel very comfortable when you spend time with her. Of course, you will drool over her daily oil massage, which she will give you with her smooth skin that has been well taken care of.

She is said to have a strong maternal nature, and her affection is more than that of others.

Forget about the hustle and bustle of the world and pamper yourself with all your might.

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T157 B83(C) W56 H85
REINA 20歳 T157 B83(C) W56 H85
A very high-level university student who was raised in an upper-class family and is full of cleanliness and grace is making a strong debut, tempted by the desire to have an erotic experience!

With her small face, large eyes, and super cute looks, you will definitely be captivated by her at first impression.

Her beautiful body line, polished by dancing, will grab your heart.

She exudes a sex appeal that is unimaginable at such a young age, and her bewitching appearance will surely drive you crazy in the swamp of her charms.

She will kiss and suck your cock and you will be....

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T160 B84(C) W56 H83
NAMIKA 24歳 T160 B84(C) W56 H83
Slender beauty with impressive, round eyes and a positive aura.

She has long black hair with a straight front and a sharp face with a clear nose, and her smile brightens up her surroundings.

Her slender 160 cm body is so delicate that it seems as if it might break if she is hugged tightly.

She is extremely slender, but her moderately sized breasts and well-shaped hips ooze the sex appeal of a mature woman.

In addition to her pale and smooth skin, her high sense of beauty is evident in the care she takes of her hair, nails and eyelash extensions.

Usually working as a staff member at a high-end clothing shop, she is cheerful and well spoken, and you will feel happy just being with her.

As for massage, she has improved her skills under the guidance of our exclusive instructor based on the oil and reflexology training she learnt at a beauty salon for men in the past, and is eager to satisfy her customers.

Although she is still a beginner, we are sure that you will be able to see her high potential when you meet her.

Please enjoy your secret time with the slender, black-haired beauty NAMIKA.

03月28日 入店

MIRI 26歳
T167 B83(C) W56 H85
MIRI 26歳 T167 B83(C) W56 H85
An active esthetician who is a gem in providing the highest level of service and boasts outstanding manual skills has joined our group!

Clear eyes, a well-defined nose, glossy lips that lead to sweet temptation, and silky hair...

A truly noble beauty!

The smile that spills out from her beautiful face filled with affection warmly embraces men, and in her innocent appearance lurks a gentle yet bewitching aura that leads you into a world of healing and pleasure.

Slender beayty at 167cm tall, with a moderately sized, graceful bust, and a refined body line created by a nipped waist followed by feminine hips that make one drool. 

She has a cheerful and upbeat personality, and you will immediately feel at ease with her, as if you are meeting her for the first time.

Sophisticated in all aspects of care, conversation skills, and courtesy, she has the perfect combination of sex appeal and dignity of an adult woman.

Her high skills as an esthetician, cultivated over a 3-year career, are at a level that even our exclusive instructor is amazed.

She knows well the pressure points of the body, and her careful treatment and sincere service will bring you the best healing and pleasure in Shiatsu, oil massage, and rejuvenation play.

She loves to caress men with her lewd techniques, starting with her signature feather touch, and the sight of a man writhing around, covered in oil and intoxicated with pleasure, turns her on.

You will have an intense time with her, enjoying the close contact with her well-groomed smooth skin and devouring her pleasure in a heightened excitement.

It is a departure into a world of sensuality that cannot be found in everyday life and that goes far beyond of your imagination.

This is exactly the encounter with an ideal therapist who can bring you the ultimate healing and pleasure that you have been looking for!

You will enjoy the most luxurious healing and pleasure through an intense, indulgent, and blissful time spent with her.

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KOTO 20歳
T154 B84(C) W56 H85
KOTO 20歳 T154 B84(C) W56 H85
Very cute and idol-like university student has joined our group!

She is an innocent girl who just turned 20 years old this summer!

Her neat and clean appearance shows at a glance how well educated she is.

She is such a gem that we hesitate to introduce her to you.

She has a sharply shaped small face with silky hair that suits her well, and although she is slender and petite, her C-cup bust, tight waist, and well-shaped hips create an outstanding style.

Her gentle and calm expression reveals an intellectual atmosphere that can only come from a talented young girl who attended a well-known university of women.

She has a basic knowledge of massage from her experience at a traditional estetic salon for men, but this is her first time to try oil play in close contact.

Although she is not used to it, the way she works hard to heal you is beyond compare.

She is a very cute and inexperienced girl, just what you have been looking for.

You will definitely be grateful to have met her.

03月14日 入店

T159 B86(E) W58 H88
MARON 20歳 T159 B86(E) W58 H88
With the arrival of spring, a beautiful, calm girl full of healing elements has jointed to our salon.

She just turned 20 years old and is an active university student from Kansai.

Her well-maintained, silky hair and gentle expression with well-fitting bangs make her look like a doll.

You will naturally feel at ease.

At 159 cm tall, she is neither tall nor short, and her E-cup breasts, nipped-in waist, and rounded hips create a very attractive feminine curve.

Her personality is extremely calm, with a friendly nature characteristic of Kansai people, and her clear voice gently resonates with the heart.

Although she is new to the esthetic treatment, under the guidance of our dedicated instructor, she has reached a level where she can fully satisfy her clients thanks to her natural ambition.

As for the rejuvenation service, the first time she experienced an oil massage in close contact with the body, she herself felt quite comfortable, and she is excited to explore the world of pleasure with her customers.

However, she is a complete amateur, so please be gentle with her first.

04月03日 入店

MOMO 24歳
T160 B93(G) W58 H92
MOMO 24歳 T160 B93(G) W58 H92
With the ultimate in beauty and style, this finest therapist is full of promise!

With outstanding looks that can be described as the pinnacle of the beautiful type.

She has beautiful fair skin and chewy skin, and has the best body for a man to be in close contact with her.

Her F-cup bust, smooth waistline, hips of balanced shape and texture, and fair skin will bring you to the peak of bliss with her oil and rejuvenating massage.

She is the incarnation of eroticism.

04月17日 入店

T164 B84(D) W57 H85
KYOKO 24歳 T164 B84(D) W57 H85
The best visual!

Her face is beautifully shaped with clear noses and eyes, and her smile, which is somewhat childish, is very innocent and her fresh and clean atmosphere will impress you at first sight.

Her healthy and toned body line, ideally balanced three-size figure, and supple and beautiful legs, her beautiful silhouette is a sight to behold for everyone, and her high sense of beauty is evident.

She is an amateur young lady who usually works as a dental assistant and receptionist at a dental clinic, but she became interested in a little bit of naughty esthetic work and decided that now was the time to experience it.

Although she is inexperienced in massage, she is improving her skills day by day, thanks to her inquisitiveness and sincere attitude.

Although she has little private sexual experience, her entire body exudes an aura of eroticism that bewitches men, and the pheromones that dwell in her wet lips stir the hearts of customers.

In her first attempt at a rejuvenating massage, she may be shy, but she shows boldness, and has latent potential beyond imagination, so depending on you, she may show something extraordinary!

Now is the time to enjoy the fresh buds that will surely bloom into large flowers.

Since her arrival, she has been fully booked, so we highly recommend that you make your reservations as soon as possible.

An exciting moment awaits you.

08月04日 入店

T159 B87(E) W57 H85
NANASE 25歳 T159 B87(E) W57 H85
Fair-skinned beauty came from snow country Toyama.

Until just two weeks ago, a complete amateur who worked at a local apparel shop came to Tokyo to climb the adult stairs with a fresh start.

It was three months ago when I first got a call from her.
A cute face that leaves some childhood and clear eyes that shine brightly.

And above all, the most notable thing is the fine skin that grew up in the snow country! I can not stand that sticky feeling.

With an 87 cm E-cup bust, a narrow waist, and 85 cm hips, she has a naughty figure that will provoke you.

It is no exaggeration to say that it was born for a close-fitting massage, combined with the skin that sticks to it.

Although she has no experience in massage, she has grown to a level where she can receive passing marks from professional instructors due to the special training in the last two weeks.

Also, she has a very calm personality. Her easygoing demeanor creates a cozy atmosphere.

She has sensitive breasts, so please be gentle with her since it is her first time doing naughty work.

Please be healed greatly by the close contact play with the innocent plump beauty.

08月16日 入店

MAHO 20歳
T170 B82(B) W56 H84
MAHO 20歳 T170 B82(B) W56 H84
Introducing a fresh, cute, and adorable college student.

Her gentle, slightly droopy eyes and balanced, pretty face create an expressive smile that soothes the hearts of all who meet her.

She is 170cm tall with a slender body and ideal proportions that are hard to resist admiring.

What is particularly impressive are her moderately sized buttocks and long, supple, beautiful legs.

In addition, her fair skin with a sense of transparency is a must-see.

She is always smiling and brightens up her surroundings, and her every action is truly adorable.

At first glance, she may seem shy, but she is very interested in lewd things.

This natural talent will make her style of treatment even more intense.

Please enjoy the healing power of lovey-dovey play with this adorable and beautiful girl.

01月30日 入店

RUNA 21歳
T174 B88(E) W56 H88
RUNA 21歳 T174 B88(E) W56 H88
A high-spec beauty with outstanding height and style has joined our salon.

She has a gorgeous appearance and an overwhelming aura that makes her stand out even among full lineup of beautiful women of our salon, and she could be described as the daughter of a lord in the aroma esthetic world.

Her height of 174 centimeters is undeniably tall, and her three sizes are 88, 56, and 88, which is the best balance, and her long, slender, beautiful legs create a superb body line!

Her large, clear eyes, sleek, muscular nose, and elegant mouth with beautifully aligned teeth and upturned corners are impeccable.

Her personality is cheerful and bright, but she also has a modest and humble side that will make you feel very comfortable when you spend time with her.

As for massage, she has worked at an orthodox esthetic salon for about six months and is quite skilled, especially in the shoulder area, which has received high praise.

Although she has no experience in erotic rejuvenation massage, she is very interested in naughty activities. In her private life, she says she can not forget her experience in a karaoke box.

She is particularly stoic about her diet, and has not touched fast food such as McDonald for three years.

The feeling of close contact with well-cared-for skin is a feeling that is incomparable!

With her captivating looks, attentive treatment, supreme cuddling comfort and erotic services, she is truly a high spec!

A tall, beautiful girl who deserves the name of the daughter of a lord will bring you emotional healing and physical pleasure.
Please experience it by all means.

02月05日 入店

T168 B83(C) W57 H86
NAGISA 26歳 T168 B83(C) W57 H86
Beautiful therapist with the sex appeal of a mature woman has joined our club.

Her large, clear eyes, colored by long eyelashes, sparkle beautifully, and she has a smile that overflows from her well-developed face with an elegant bridge of the nose and a gentle mouth!

She is tall and slender, but has ideal proportions, with C-cup breasts of good shape, hips of moderate volume, and above all, long, slender legs!

Her smooth skin is the result of her daily care.
Her personality is cheerful and open, and you can easily get to know her and feel comfortable with her.

Although this is her first attempt at massage, but under the guidance of our exclusive instructor, she is rapidly improving her skills in both shiatsu and oil massage.

This is also the first time for her to try a sexually intimate massage, but she says she likes to be both aggressive and passive, and when the switch is turned on, the way she changes is astonishing, delivering the greatest excitement and pleasure.

The healing brought by a gentle smile and the close contact of a body that radiates the bewitching aura of a mature woman!

Please enjoy a sensual time of blissful healing and indulgence.

05月07日 入店

T166 B91(F) W58 H88
CECIL 26歳 T166 B91(F) W58 H88
Office lady by day, erotic esthetician by night!

Most noteworthy is her appearance.

Her beautiful face, breasts, and buttocks are extremely attractive.

She seems to have a very cute expression when she smiles.

She has a background of working as an esthetician, so her massage level is outstanding.

After all, what I felt when I first met her was how erotic she is.

While there is a serious side to her day job, you will be amazed at the hidden and lewd side of Cecil at night.

Her personality is very cheerful, and her polite language and gentle gestures will make you feel comfortable.

She will certainly satisfy you!

We are waiting for your requests.

05月13日 入店

FU 20歳
T160 B84(D) W57 H85
FU 20歳 T160 B84(D) W57 H85
A signboard girl who works in a bakery with a neat and clean atmosphere.

There are many customers who buy bread for her!

She has an exquisite feminine style with a D-cup bust and plump, fair skin.

Her cheerful and gentle personality creates a soothing and calm atmosphere.

She has experience in massage, and her lymphatic massage and feather touch to the groin area will lead you to the peak of physical pleasure.

She starts with a healing treatment and then moves on to rejuvenation, where she transforms with a sense of shame and a touch of sex appeal.

Your excitement will never cease.

02月24日 入店

NANA 24歳
T157 B82(C) W56 H85
NANA 24歳 T157 B82(C) W56 H85
Introducing a neat and lovely therapist.

She is like a lily that is just beginning to open, and her dignified appearance is sure to wash your heart.

Her large eyes are attractive, and her coquettish smile will make you feel at ease.

Her slender body is perfectly suited to be described as delicate, and if you hug her tightly, she might break.

Her bright and cheerful personality makes her easy to get along with, and as the conversation progresses, the healing atmosphere deepens.

Having worked at a esthetic salonfor men, she has considerable massage skills.

Her attentive treatment, which she performs as if she is checking the reaction of customers, has been highly praised.

This is the first time for her to experience an oil massage in close contact with the body, and her shy but bold and lewd service will astonish you.

Her unimaginable transformation from her first impression is a manifestation of her deep-seated erotic nature, drawing you into a world of perversion and sensuality.

A bewitching aura overflows from the pretty petals!

The intense treatment is far removed from the refreshing image!
You are already captivated by her.


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