• age:24
  • T160 B84(C) W56 H83
About Me
Panty Less Visit:Yes
Prostate Massage:No
Chocolate body painting:Yes
Head Massage:Yes
Crotch job (hand job):Yes
Masturbation Viewing:No
Take Panty Home:Yes
Golden Shower:No
Cum in Mouth:No

■A quick word of greeting and Message
Nice to meet you, I am NAMIKA.

Why do not have a great time with me.

■My personality
I am cheerful and energetic. I laugh a lot.

■What I like to do
I like Disney and often watch films. I also like music.

■My Sexual side
I like to make out. Let us cuddle a lot!

Manager's comment
Slender beauty with impressive, round eyes and a positive aura.

She has long black hair with a straight front and a sharp face with a clear nose, and her smile brightens up her surroundings.

Her slender 160 cm body is so delicate that it seems as if it might break if she is hugged tightly.

She is extremely slender, but her moderately sized breasts and well-shaped hips ooze the sex appeal of a mature woman.

In addition to her pale and smooth skin, her high sense of beauty is evident in the care she takes of her hair, nails and eyelash extensions.

Usually working as a staff member at a high-end clothing shop, she is cheerful and well spoken, and you will feel happy just being with her.

As for massage, she has improved her skills under the guidance of our exclusive instructor based on the oil and reflexology training she learnt at a beauty salon for men in the past, and is eager to satisfy her customers.

Although she is still a beginner, we are sure that you will be able to see her high potential when you meet her.

Please enjoy your secret time with the slender, black-haired beauty NAMIKA.
07/18(Thu) 07/19(Fri) 07/20(Sat) 07/21(Sun) 07/22(Mon) 07/23(Tue) 07/24(Wed)
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  • ○ Head Massage
  • ○ 3P:1Man×2girls
  • × 3P:2Mens×1girl
  • ○ Bobble Wash
Questions for the therapist
Blood type
Cheerful, Friendly,
Apparel sales staff
Where are you from?
What are your hobbies?
Desiny, Karaoke
favorite food?
Do you smoke?
English level
Very poor
She is a very nice lady. The care and consideration was wonderful and I had a superb healing time. The rejuvenation was really too amazing!
She had a cheerful personality and was fun to be with. Her rejuvenation service exceeded my expectations, and the gap between her innocent image and my own was unbearable.
E Nguyen
Beautiful dark-haired girl as described in her profile, and I was surprised by her service, which I could not imagine from her innocent atmosphere! I ascended to heaven in a sense of immorality.
She is a beautiful girl with black hair that suits her just like her profile. She also massaged me very hard, and I was very satisfied.
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  • CECIL age:26
  • 166 91(F) 58 88
  • HANA age:25
  • 162 87(E) 56 87
  • NAMIKA age:24
  • 160 84(C) 56 83
  • HIKARU age:22
  • 168 85(D) 57 86
  • KYOKO age:24
  • 164 84(D) 57 85


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