• RAN
  • age:27
  • T160 B86(E) W57 H85
About Me
Panty Less Visit:Yes
Prostate Massage:Yes
Chocolate body painting:Yes
Head Massage:Yes
Crotch job (hand job):No
Masturbation Viewing:No
Take Panty Home:Yes
Golden Shower:Try
Cum in Mouth:No

■A quick word of greeting and Message
Hello. My name is RAN.

Thanks for taking a look at my profile.

I will do my best to make sure that the precious time you spend with me is the best it can be.

Just enjoy a fun time together.

■My personality
Cheerful, Affectionate

■What I like to do
Watching YouTube

■My naughty experience
I get excited when I see a man feeling pleasure, so I loves to give sexual stimulation aggressively.
Manager's comment
Introducing a gentle, slender beauty.

With her dignified yet elegant presence that also exudes graciousness, her refined features, her well-balanced figure, her bright and cheerful personality, and her love of naughty things, her expectations are only growing.

She is a traditional beauty with a clean-cut appearance, with a straight nose, upturned corners of her mouth, and large, sparkling eyes that will draw you in right away.

She is 166cm tall, slender, but has a graceful E-cup bust, a slim waist and perfectly shaped peach-like hips - truly the ideal figure.

As a personal trainer, she takes extraordinary care of her own body, and her well-maintained, fair, beautiful skin is second to none.

She has a very gentle personality and can quickly get along with anyone.

Her healing aura she gives off will softly envelops you, soothing your mind and create a truly cozy atmosphere.

Although she has no experience in massage, she has been practicing daily under the guidance of our in-house instructor and has a solid grasp of the basics.

What is most noteworthy is her high level of interest in lewd things and her sexual tendency to get excited when she sees a man feeling pleasure!

The more you writhe and squirm in pleasure, the more excited she becomes, and as she is driven by wild fantasies, she will use her oral and manual techniques one after another to seduce you into a world of physical ecstasy that will far exceed your imagination.

Just imagining the rejuvenating play brought about by the indecent treatment with her smooth skin in close contact is enough to get you excited.

You are guaranteed to enjoy the ultimate carnal pleasure.

Experience the true essence of pleasure in this world through a sensual time with a beautiful woman who loves to give sexual stimulation aggressively.
07/18(Thu) 07/19(Fri) 07/20(Sat) 07/21(Sun) 07/22(Mon) 07/23(Tue) 07/24(Wed)
- 17:00
- 17:00
  • ○ Head Massage
  • ○ 3P:1Man×2girls
  • × 3P:2Mens×1girl
  • × Bobble Wash
Questions for the therapist
Blood type
Beautiful, Elegant
graceful, Cheerful, Affectionate
Personal trainer
Where are you from?
What are your hobbies?
Learning foreign languages
favorite food?
Do you smoke?
English level
Fluent in Korean language
She was very polite, which was my first impression of her, but she turned lewd during the rejuvenation play, and her moaning and facial expressions increased my excitement level. Her massage skills were also excellent and overall I was very satis
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