• EMA
  • age:28
  • T164 B98(H) W58 H87
About Me
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■A quick word of greeting and Message
Hi! My name is EMA.

This is my first time to work as an esthetician, but I will do my best to satisfy you.

I like licking, so please let me serve you a lot.

■My personality
Cheerful and energetic

■What I like to do

■My Sexual side
I have experienced almost everything lewd.

Manager's comment
We promise you the ultimate in physical pleasure!

Sexy Beauty with naughty pheromones who could easily be mistaken for an Porn Star.

She is the incarnation of eroticism!

Her face is recognizable at first glance as one who loves lascivious behavior, and behind her large eyes shines a bewitching light of lust.

Her gorgeous body is just the right size for a close contact massage.

Her body with 98cm H-cup bust is full of power, and voluptuous hips follow her nipped waist is very comfortable to hold, and you are guaranteed to feel the greatest pleasure.

She is very cheerful and sociable, and you will soon feel at ease with her, which will make you feel extremely sampatic.

Although this is her first time to try massage work, she is improving her skills quickly under the guidance of our exclusive instructor.

She is interested in anything and everything, and is also active in lewd activities.

The pleasure of a massage using her beautiful, smooth, fair skin and her exquisite body in close contact with you will make you drool even if you can only imagine it.

The process of rejuvenation, which begins with a nettlesome and affectionate kiss that makes you feel as if you are in love with her, will leave you in a state of complete relaxation.

Her lip technique, which she has trained in her private life, is unparalleled!

Please entrust your body to her and let her tongue work over every part of your body, and you will surely experience a different dimension of pleasure that is out of this world.

The excitement level is maxed out when you spend an intense time with EMA, who says she has a strong sexual desire more than any other person!

This lecherous beauty is a sexually active woman who can not be controlled once she is turned on!
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Blood type
Sexy, Beauty
Bright, Cheerful
Where are you from?
What are your hobbies?
favorite food?
Do you smoke?
E-cigaretter smoker
English level
Very poor
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