• UTA
  • age:27
  • T162 B85(D) W58 H87
About Me
Panty Less Visit:Yes
Prostate Massage:No
Chocolate body painting:Yes
Head Massage:Yes
Intercrural Sex:Yes
Masturbation Viewing:Yes
Take Panty Home:Yes
Golden Shower:No
Cum in Mouth:Yes

■A quick word of greeting and Message
Nice to meet you! My name is UTA!

I used to be a head spa esthetician, so I am confident in my massage skills.

This is my first time to perform rejuvenation treatment, so I am very excited to see what kind of experience I will have.

■My personalityC
Cheerful and friendly

■What I like to do
Going out for drinks with friends or watching movies at home.

■My Sexual side
I did it in a drunken stupor.

Manager's comment
Introducing a loving and super healing therapist.

As an active hairdresser, her outstanding sense of beauty is evident in every aspect of her body and gestures.

Her well-groomed face with long, silky hair and gentle smile overflows with warmth and affection for men.l

The bewitching atmosphere hidden in her very innocent appearance reveals her innate erotic nature that leads you to a world of healing and pleasure.

She has a great style, with a height of 162cm, an 85cm D-cup bust, a 58cm waist, and well-shaped hips of 87cm, which are in ideal proportions!

Furthermore, her long, beautiful legs enhance her beauty and attract the attention of men, whether they like it or not.

She is cheerful and talkative, and was always ranked high in popularity at the head spa where she once worked.

In addition to her already highly acclaimed shiatsu, she was also given oil massage techniques by our exclusive instructor, and quickly developed into a top-level therapist.

Sexual services in rejuvenation play are her primary interest.

Her oil massage with well-maintained skin is just a gateway to heaven, and the many lewd treatments starting with feather touches from long, thin, delicate fingertips will bring you to the pinnacle of pleasure.

She also likes to be passive, and is captivated by the new erotic world she has experienced. She is filled with lewd fantasies of reaching the essence of pleasure with her guests.

This is exactly the ideal therapist who will bring you the ultimate healing and pleasure you have been looking for.

Please be intoxicated by the healing and pleasure of the best through the rich and loving play with her.
05/25(Sat) 05/26(Sun) 05/27(Mon) 05/28(Tue) 05/29(Wed) 05/30(Thu) 05/31(Fri)
- 22:00
- - - 22:00
  • ○ Head Massage
  • × 3P:1Man×2girls
  • × 3P:2Mens×1girl
Questions for the therapist
Blood type
Beautiful, Elegant
Friendly, easy to get along with
Where are you from?
What are your hobbies?
Anime appreciation and comic books
favorite food?
Do you smoke?
English level
Very poor
I nominated her based on her picture on the website. When I met her in person, she was so beautiful! She was so bright and erotic that I was so excited to meet her. The play was also great!
Her appearance is perfect. The play was erotic in every way from start to finish.
She had a very cute smile and created a friendly atmosphere throughout. Her massage and rejuvenation were both very good. Thank you for a pleasant time.
Her shiatsu technique was solid! The oil massage felt so good that I dozed off. The rejuvenating massage was so stimulating that I became addicted to it!
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